So you need a new job

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Welcome! We're so glad you're here.

As a job seeker, it's really easy to get lost in the herd. That's where we come in! Since 1997, we've been teaching people how to change their stripes, stand out from the herd and find work they love. We can't wait to help you do the same. 

There has never been a more exciting time to change careers or jobs. The possibilities are endless! Maybe you want to start your own business. Maybe you're dreaming of working from home, or on an island somewhere in the world (I've done that!). Or, perhaps you simply want to find a job at a company whose mission and values make your heart sing. 

Guess what: everything you want is possible. I know this is true for two reasons:

1. I'm living my dream. I love what I do for a living. I do what I want, when I want, how I want. Sure, I had to work hard to get here ... but work is hard in any case! Why not work hard in the direction of your dreams? Trust me: it's worth the journey. 

2. I've spent the last 18 years watching & helping thousands of other people to achieve their career dreams. Here are just a few:

Some of my favorite career transformation stories:

John's story: From a desperately unhappy corporate lawyer to a legal consultant ... and a different man

John worked as a full-time salaried corporate attorney at an international consulting firm. He hated it. He hated the frenetic pace (sales people constantly came into his office to ask for "just one more thing" for their clients' contracts), and constant change. He was miserable, and he was miserable to be around! In fact, he was so hard to be around that on my first day there as a consultant several people warned me to avoid him at all costs! The CEO saw what was going on and suggested that John try working from home for a while. John asked if he could take it one step further and become an hourly consultant. He knew that if he did that, it would help him manage expectations and push back on the constant changes to contracts. It worked like a charm. It was the most remarkable change I have ever seen over the course of my career. He was a different man. I came back for a second consulting project at that company about a year later, and I could not believe the man who bounced out of an office to say hello to me in the hallway. He did not change his career or his employer; he merely changed his terms and work schedule. 

Denise's story: From a successful but terribly bored business analyst to a real estate agent who loves her life

Denise was a very successful (but bored) business analyst. After twenty years of working for the government, she got laid off and said "Woo-hoo! I'm free!" She took advantage of the opportunity to start her own highly successful real estate business, and doubled her income in less than two years. She loves the challenge, freedom and variety. 

Lisa' story:  From no sleep to promotions and real joy at work

Lisa was so miserable working as a recruiter (she had a horrible boss) that she couldn't sleep. It was affecting her attitude and her performance. Quite frankly, she was about to get fired. She was beginning to think she couldn't hack it as a recruiter, and needed to change careers. Instead, she found a new job as a recruiter at another company and was so happy she stayed there for nine years. She doubled her income in two years, got promoted three times and greatly enhanced her skills and experience by working at the much-larger new firm.

Sure, finding work you love will not just land in your lap, but that's no big deal. None of the good stuff in life just drops in your lap! You look for it, you prepare for it and you go for it. Best of all? You do not have to figure it all out on your own. We're going to show you how ... step by step. 

You WILL get a job! That is not the question. 

The question is this: "How long will it take you ... and will it be a job you love?"

The average job search is taking 25 weeks right now (Bureau of Labor & Statistics). Yikes! That is waaaay too long! Good news: that does not have to be your reality! With the right plan (and some insider information), looking for work can shift from hair-raising to exciting and productive - fast. We're right here, ready and waiting to show you how to find the job you want - now. Just keep on clicking through our online toolkit, and you'll get all the answers, tools and inspiration you need.

We'll show you how to get hired - faster & easier - in the job that's right for you!

What makes us different makes us strong

At ARBEZ, we're a little different than most of the people giving you career advice. What we will teach you came from years and years on the hiring side of the desk. We didn't read these things in other people's books, listen to inexperienced strangers online or make this stuff up. Nope! We made a bunch of mistakes and learned these things the hard way ... which is why we know what works and what doesn't. We spent years and years on the hiring side of the desk, breaking down barriers to employment for companies and individuals. We saw first-hand where and why hiring processes are so broken. We watched horrible things (like many smart, talented and successful individuals get rejected for jobs they should have gotten). We learned how to fix those problems. That is the kind of insight, honesty and high-impact advice that we are going to bring to you. 

We also watched many wonderful things (like people who are missing some key skills get hired anyway!) And we figured out how to help others do the same thing.

Companies don't hire resumes. They hire people. They hire talent. They hire potential. They hire passion for the work at hand. You've got all of that! All you need is a little direction. You just need a little help telling your story, and helping other people see how great you are. 

My name is Catherine Byers Breet, and I will be your primary guide along the way. 

I have worked in recruiting, sales and leadership positions for several global consulting firms and major corporations. I've placed people into jobs ranging from $50,000 per year to $1,000,000 per year - in both full time positions and consulting / contract positions - across a wide variety of industries. But the most important thing for you to know about me is this: I don't just like helping people. I am obsessed with showing people how to find and get work they absolutely love. I know what's possible, and I think it is unacceptable for anyone to live in a job that makes them miserable. There are just too many other options out there for you to live that way.  

One thing's for sure: You are not alone. We're right here with you ... from A to Z. Let's get going!

- Catherine & the ARBEZ team

I try to save trees, but sometimes it's nice to have a paper edition. 

I have discovered that sometimes I like to have the Table of Contents at my fingertips when I'm talking with people about their job search. You may find you want to print a copy and fo the same. If so, it's as easy as clicking the attachment (below) and printing to your heart's content. Enjoy!

Otherwise, you can navigate two ways:

1. By going back to the home page of our website at any stage, and clicking on one of the major sections:

  • Get started
  • Explore & Plan (Step one)
  • Tell your best story (Step two)
  • Go get it! (Step three)
  • Keep it! (Step four)

2. By scrolling down through the table of contents on the left-hand side of your screen.

Either way, we're confident everything you need throughout your search will be out there waiting for you.

Real people. Real results. 

I can talk all day about the best ways to find, get and keep a job ... but what really matters is how it works for real people. So let's take a look at what our tools and approach have done for a wide variety of people. Here are just a few of my favorites (I've got 89 pages of fun success stories if you ever want to hear them all!)

Paul's story: 12 interviews + a new job in 2.5 weeks

"Right after getting laid off, I got 12 interviews and the job I wanted in just 2.5 weeks! Thank you!” – Paul P., Account manager

One of the toughest (and most critical) things for a job seeker to do is this: isolate their target (figure out what job they want ... which will direct how and where to spend their time and energy).

It's worth the effort. That's what Paul did. He went through our "Explore and Plan" and "Tell your best story" sections step by step, watched all the videos and did all the exercises. In less than three weeks, he had 12 interviews and several job offers. We asked him which sections of our online toolkit were the most helpful. Here is what he said: "The videos and exercises that made the most impact for me were these: Name Your Non-Negotiables, Identify the Gaps, The Target Marketing Plan and The 30-Second Pitch." He's not the only one who claimed those as their favorites, so make sure you go through those segments for yourself. 

Vince's story: From 29 failed interviews to 2 offers in just 6 weeks

"15 months, 29 phone screens and not one single in-person interview. Your program changed everything. I was back to work in just 6 weeks … at a job I love!" – Vince S., Production supervisor

Can you imagine all the hope and excitement of landing a phone interview ... 29 times ... only to be told "No" every single time? ​It was so beyond discouraging for Vince. In fact, he was so discouraged he was starting to apply for jobs stocking shelves. The truth is, all he needed to do was improve his interviewing skills! Vince went through out interviewing guide step by step, and everything changed. Immediately. He aced his very next phone screen and ended up with 2 job offers in just 6 weeks. He took a job managing a team of 32 people, and is thrilled to be working in his chosen career. Three years later, he is managing 44 employees and still having a blast.  

Susan's story: From zero interviews to two offers in 6 weeks

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! After 6 months of frustration and failure (not one interview), I used your approach and got my dream job (in just 4 weeks) … at $20,000 more than I was expecting!" – Susan B., Geriatric care manager

Susan dreamed of running an assisted living facility, and helping elderly folks finish out their lives with dignity and fun. She had nursing and business management experience, but no eldercare experience. She'd applied for dozens and dozens of jobs, but all she was getting was slammed doors. Our online toolkit showed her how to translate (and reframe) her past experience so assisted living facilities could see and understand how well her past experience prepared her for the new career. It worked. Just 6 weeks later, she got two job offers to run assisted living facilities. That was 6 years ago, and she is still working in that space, bringing joy to the lives of hundreds elderly (and the people who love them).

Ted's story: 6 months of frustration to a job in only 2 weeks

"I'd lost my job 6 months earlier, and had not gotten one single job offer. At the age of 62, I was convinced my age was the problem. The truth is, it was my attitude. Your "Name Your Fears" video changed everything for me. I realized that I was wearing my fears and discouragement like a fur coat. Every time I talked to people, my negative attitude came across as either angry or mopey. Your video helped me get honest with myself (and then ... even harder ... my wife). Once I shifted my attitude, everything changed. I called someone I used to work with years ago. He made one phone call to a friend on my behalf, and he hired me just one week later. Thank you so much. I never thought I was going to work again. I'm still there 5 years later, and I love my job." - Ted B., Software tester

Ted wasted 5 months applying for jobs online and networking ... but it wasn't getting him anywhere. Convinced the problem was his age (he was 62), he was ready to give up. 2 weeks later, he was in a job he loves so much, he is still there 5 years later. Ted's problem was not his age; I'm afraid it was his beliefs and attitudes about his age. He was wearing them like a mantle, and it was affecting every single conversation. A few of our online videos and exercises helped him see this (and turn it around): Name Your Non-Negotiables and Name Your Fears. 

Pat's story: Top position at global retailer with no prior experience

"(Your interviewing strategies) helped me develop a clear message, understand what my interviewers were looking for and make my mistakes before I went into intense interviews. Thanks for all your help in landing this job. I have had the chance to bring 50 PhD economists into the company and we are doing something special inside of tech. It's been an exciting time." – Pat B., VP and Chief Economist

Pat was flying out to Seattle to interview with the CEO (and entire executive team) of the biggest online retailer in the world. He'd spent a career in academia as a professor and researcher, and had never worked in corporate America or the retail industry. He had a LOT of gaps (both real and perceived) and knew those would be an issue during his interviews if he didn't do his homework - and practice answering some really tough questions. Our interviewing guide is based on years of corporate hiring. We know what CEOs want to see and hear, and our interviewing tools taught Pat how to get ready for those. He got the job! He is still there 6 years later, and really loves his work. 

Mary's story: Negotiated for $16,000 more money per year

"I did it! I asked for $16,000 more, and I got it! Thank you SO MUCH! Your approach really works!" - Mary L., RN and Team lead

It really is true: sometimes, all you have to do is ask!

Yes ... you really can have it all!

So you need a new job.

Is that it? Is that all you want (just a job)? Or, do you want to love what you do for a living?

Well, guess what: you can do both!

"The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire." - Ferdinand Foch (military strategist)

We had better get something straight right now: we're on a mission to do much more than get you just a job. We're on a mission to get you a job you will love - really fast. Want to know the best part? We know how to do it! 

We've been getting people hired since 1997, and I need to tell you something exciting: it's rarely the best-qualified guy who gets the job. Nope! It's the most enthusiastic candidate who gets the job. Sure, you need to have most of the required qualifications, but you don't need to have all of them. When you find a way to marry your personal passion with your skills and expertise, you will become the candidate everyone is fighting over. Allow me to explain: 

4 reasons to go after a great job (not just any job):

1. Because you can! 

The most successful people in the world (every last one of them) has found something they really enjoy, and focused their time and attention on that.

We don't have to settle anymore! My poor mother had to settle. Her only career choices were nurse, teacher and secretary. When her father learned that she was #1 in math in her school, he actually said "What a shame to waste all that talent on a girl." (Such a charmer, my grandfather Max). Thank goodness those days are gone. Forever. There has never been a more exciting time to live and work. The possibilities are endless. The opportunities are global. With modern technology and the new world of work, if you can dream it you can make it happen. I've seen an amazing increase in the freedom and possibilities for people at all levels in an organization. I've personally created a business that has given me more than I ever imagined was possible. I've done corporate training in South Africa. I've helped veterans plan their civilian job search while they were overseas "in theater" in a war zone. I've done webinars while on a SCUBA diving vacation in Mexico. Truly, what you are dreaming of is possible.

2. Because of the best-kept job hunt secret:

The more you focus on what you want, the faster you will find it.

I am sure this sounds far-fetched to you, but you will soon begin to see this in action during your job search. 

Imagine looking for a new house and telling your realtor "I'll live anywhere" versus saying "I want a 2bed/2bath single family home with 2,000 square feet and a two car garage on a cul-de-sac south of Kansas City. I'm willing to pay up to $350,000." There is no doubt that your second request will get you a better house - much, much faster. More focus = better, faster results. 

Focus is just as important in a job search. Learn more about this (and how to get focused) in the "Meet Joe" section. In fact ... don't skip the "Meet Joe" section; it's a game changer!  

3. Because enthusiasm sells (and it will get you hired faster).

Bringing energy and enthusiasm to your job search is one of the easiest ways for you to stand out from your competition ... and be the one they want to hire. It's also one of the hardest things to bring to a job search if all you're looking for is just a paycheck. 

Once employers confirm that you've got the right skills to do the job, what they're most concerned about is this: do you want the job? Will you stay? Will you work hard? Will you lean in when the going gets tough (or stand around the water cooler complaining ... or quit)? Experienced recruiters and managers know that enthusiasm for the work translates into some very important benefits: more fun at work, higher productivity, lower turnover and an employee who is committed to making things work better. Studies show this to be true, over and over again. You know it's true, too. Just think about someone you worked with recently who did not like his or her job. An unhappy employee makes everyone miserable.

4. Because having fun at work is critical to your health.

If you aren't yet convinced that our talk of dream jobs is worthwhile, let me leave you with some fascinating research results by Gallup:

If you are happy at work, you will be TWICE as healthy & happy in other areas of your life!

Finally! A study to back up what our head and our heart already know: really bad jobs make us really sick.

You know what I'm talking about: rotten bosses, back-stabbing coworkers, or a job that's boring you out of your gourd. I've had three rotten jobs over the years, and I can tell you: it affected every aspect of my life. In fact, the last time I was miserable at work my husband looked at me and said ...

"I don't know who you are, but I want my wife back. You have GOT to quit."

When you're unhappy at work, you cannot help but carry that unhappiness around with you ... into every other area of your life. Your family suffers right along with you. Your body does, too. According to the Gallup research, if you are unhappy at work, you will experience ...

  1. 50% greater chance of being diagnosed with depression and heart disease
  2. 62% higher health-related costs (due to more health issues and sick days). 
The Gallup study is called "Thrive: The 5 essential elements to a life well-lived."

I really encourage you to check out the full Gallup report on wellbeing. I found it fascinating! The best part is, they found that you need only take small, incremental steps to dramatically increase your "happy factor" in any area of your life.

Wellbeing: The 5 Essential Elements

"Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it." - Steven Pressfield

The Job Hunt Toolkit_Full Table of Contents_by ARBEZ_2017.pdf