Step 4 - Keep it

Step 4 - Keep it!

Hooray! Warmest congratulations on your new job. It is simply fantastic that you are here now, and you must stop to pat yourself on the back. Yes, you got some help along the way, but you - and only you - are responsible for getting this job. So rejoice and be proud of your hard work. Enjoy the next few days or weeks before you start your new adventure, and take it easy on yourself.

There are some things you need to do to wrap up your job hunt, and also some things you need to do moving forward to help you succeed on this new job, and also in the rest of your career. Let's run through these things quickly for you.

Go Yell it From the Mountain! (Take 2)

Tell your friends! Right now!

This is such exciting news, you really must share it! Let your intimate network know that you have found and accepted a job. Go call them, and then come back! This is much too great to keep to yourself.

Wasn’t that fun?

Now, send an email to let your broader network as well. 

Yes, every single person you spoke to during your search should hear the wonderful news. Send a short note to your entire network, letting them know that you have landed somewhere new and thanking them all for their assistance! It would be great to send another email out to your network once you start at your new employer (maybe one or two weeks in) and give them your new work contact information.

Here are some sample emails announcing the fabulous news.

  • Email subject line: Accepted a position with ABC Corp.
  • Hello! I have landed in a great new job as ____________ at __________________. Thank you for all of your help during the past months with my job search. I could not have done it without you all. Your tips and referrals were a great help. I believe ABC Corp. will be a great fit for me and for them. Thanks again! Please let’s make a point of staying in touch, and let me know if and when I can help you in any way.
  • Best regards,
  • John
  • Email subject line: I landed!
  • Just wanted to let you all know that I have accepted a new position with XYZ Inc. and will be starting with them on October 3rd as their finance administrator. My job hunt has actually been a wonderful process, learning about so many people and companies. I am confident that XYZ will be a great place for me, and that I will add a lot of value there as well. So many thanks are in order, I will be reaching out to you in person, but I wanted to share the great news immediately. I will stay in touch, and look forward to assisting you in your career whenever you call.
  • Cheers!
  • Connie

Thank Everyone Who Helped You During Your Search

Do something nice for those few people who really hung in there with you, introduced you to other people or went out of their way to help you. I am serious. 

Your champions were there for you throughout your job hunt and it is time to thank them for their time and commitment. You know who they are. Your gift does not have to be expensive, but it should be thoughtful. If you are short on cash, cook a nice dinner (why not invite them all at the same time to help you celebrate?) or give a handwritten card, along with home-baked cookies. You really should do something extra special for them. It is not the price that matters. It is the recognition and the thoughtfulness.

There are three reasons why these announcements are so important:

  1. They deserve to know the good news. If they helped you at all, they deserve to know.
  2. It's fun! It will be really fun and exciting to let them know, and they will be pleased to hear from you and stay in touch.
  3. You will need their help again, and they will need yours. You have worked far too hard building up relationships to just go ignore them all now.