Top 10 confessions from the hiring side of the desk

These ten confessions are why we're here.

His name was Gary, and he was perfect for the job ... but he didn't get it. He answered all the Director's toughest questions with ease. So ... what went wrong? Just one thing: Gary did not tell her that he wanted the job. He assumed (like so many candidates do) that she would know that because he took the time to show up for the interview. She didn't. Her first excuse to me was this: “We found someone who was a better fit.” Really? I knew that could not be the case (I knew all the candidates she was considering), so I pressed her for more information. She let out a great big sigh and said "The truth? I don’t think he wants my job. I can teach people new skills. I can't teach them to want to come to work every day. I'll hire passion over perfect skills - every time. The guy I hired was less-qualified, but he was clearly excited about coming to work for us."

This was the first of many painful lessons I learned in my early days as a recruiter. The rest are reflected in this top 10 list. While their answers might shock you, there is a silver lining! Knowledge is power. Use this list to understand the invisible barriers, then TAKE ACTION to make sure they don’t get in your way of job search success! And remember: employers are not “out to get you!” They are simply trying to find the best fit … as are you.

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You deserve to know the truth about who gets hired – and why. You deserve to know where and why the really great jobs are hidden (and why only 12% of people get hired by applying online through job boards [SilkRoad Technology 2016 Source of Hire report])). You deserve to know what you can do to stand out from the herd, and get your questions answered. We’re going to show you all of that!

Watch the "Top 10 Confessions" video series, and you will really understand why we're here - and what we're going to do for you.

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Sure .. like learning anything new, the best way to use our toolkit is to go through it from beginning to end. But who wants to do that? Not very many people! So, feel free to jump in wherever you need help or have questions. Did a recruiter just call and invite you in for an interview? Fantastic! Jump ahead to the "Work smart with recruiters" and "Interview to win" segments. Just be sure you make the time to watch the other sessions because I promise you: there are some great tips and tricks just waiting for you!

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