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So, you need a new job. Is that it? Is that all you want ... just a job? Or, do you want to love what you do for a living? Well, guess what: you can have both ... and we will show you how. Follow our approach, and it will be easy.

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Catherine Byers Breet
Catherine Byers Breet

Since graduating from college, Catherine Byers Breet has been a bartender in Seattle & California, a grizzly-bear tour guide in Alaska and gone shark diving in South Africa (among other things). The best part is, she’s gotten to paid to do most of her crazy adventures! After traveling a lot right out of college, she finally settled into a career as a recruiter at the age of 24, and fell in love with helping people find get more money and fun out of work. And guess what: she is really stinkin’ good at it!

Catherine launched her own business (ARBEZ … “zebra backwards”) in 2006 with one crazy obsession: to help 1M people around the world to stand out from the herd & LOVE what they do for a living. She is well on her way! She is a highly-sought international speaker, consultant, author & creator of many popular online courses for job seekers and consultants.

Oh, and by the way … she owns a zebra. His name is Joe.